Tuesday, September 25, 2012

2012 Sideways Standing Camp in Rye New Hampshire has Launched

2012 Sideways Campers Ready for Take-off

20 Riders, 3 Freeskiers, 5 moderately young old men. Two vans, one mini bus, 28 surfboards and wetsuits, 25 skateboards one dozen sandy motel rooms two boogies and approximately 24 Kettlebells cannot fail to produce a great time here in Rye. We arrived here about 12:30 yesterday, checked in and everyone was wet and smiling by 2. The surf was about two feet on the backside of the wave and just absolutely macking in the troughs! We kept everyone surfing and eating til a break was needed and Ian  Kirk rolled 11 or so of our crew over to the Rye Bowl for an hour and a half of skating.
Non Skaters were back in the water and we stayed out in full force into the waning rays of dusk.
New surfers and older surfers enjoyed their best sunset of the summer and fall. Dwaine is hogging most of the waves but our kids are never left behind in a snake session. Some serious dark horse surfing by Evan and Thomas is going on even now and real live first waves were ridden by Brandon B, Marian, Hannah.
This morning the water is a few degrees colder and the waves half a foot smaller but glassier and sunrise has a special light that makes it worth chasing. Nobody actually made the lineup for sunrise but Rakai was first in and lasted two hours...Rob Wadsworth heard such good reports from last night that he made the 5:00 am road trip and was in there by 8:30...kids are in and out of the water regularly but on their own chilled/stoked pace. We are regrouping, eating "Cable" bagel sandwiched with hardboilded eggs, avo, cream cheese and spices. We will drive down coast a couple miles to try out the Wall where it is hopefully holding up and peeling down the line a hair better in the next half hour to make the most of the swell while it lasts. After noon and lunch we will swing bells on the beach and hammer out a series of sprints, recover, snack and send off a skate party...repeat...More details and more photos this evening.