Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Good Morning Mt Hood

It's great to be back with the gang at work doing what they do best: snowboarding. It's our third morning of the session and the forecast is pretty gray and damp but that didn't stop us yesterday from having a great day.
 SMS riders Karen Kobayashi, Marian Lobell, Josh Cohen, Mason Geils, Scott Sweitzer, Xander Raith, Owen Barth want to welcome New Team riders Noelle Edwards, Charlie Burt, Mike Boylan and Julia Marino. We are also joined by Charlie's Brother Harry Burt, Xander'd Bro Benji and SMS freerider Gideon Le Gros. We enjoyed a nice and sunny day one lapping the top to bottom options to get used to riding and yesterday put in a more serious morning of hiking the Public Pipe and saw some great push in the progression as the snow was soft and forgiving to invite flips and spins all around. In the afternoon we did our public park laps as the top chair was having issues and we did not need to risk spending extra time on it!

Day one dryland was some good core and pushup practice followed by a two plus mile run on the Salmon river trail nearby. The cold leg soak helped to disperse the lactates and Charlie earned a "blizzard Shake from Ross for being first to swim across the icy river. More in depth updates will follow but Im off for the Hill. Enjoy yr day.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

USSA Project Gold SBX Camp, Mt Hood OR. June 9th-17th 2011.

Mt. Hood with a ton of snow this summer. Also the Project Gold private high speed quad and start of the sbx course for the camp. What an amazing setup and great camp. All the SMS athletes rode hard, improved their technique and trained with US Team athletes.

Josh Cohen, Michael Perle and Karen Kobayashi. The SMS Project Gold SBX athletes.

Karen on the right racing down the track against a fellow Project Gold athlete.

Michael Perle in the black sweatshirt charging off the first feature. Jackie Hernandez SMS alumni in purple and Chris Mahaney in plaid.

Josh Cohen in yellow making a good move on the drop. Karen on the right flying over the feature as well.

The Project Gold SBX athletes and coaches. This was one of the best sbx training camp setups I've ever seen.

Friday, June 3, 2011

11 Out Of 13 Boys Tested tied or beat their Personal Best In Box Jumps per minute!

Strong Work. The two who did not excel beyond their previous best were one off their november scores. November testing is done after three full months of serious training so this has been a productive growth period in explosive strength endurance in a month and a half...very happy for you guys.