Thursday, April 7, 2011

SMS Athletes Finish With Some Hardware.

Scratch my last post on Mike Perle. Mike ends up winning Open Class BX. Cheever in red coat is dqed for not qualifying for the race through proper events. Mike donated his $3000. back to USASA to to show his support. Way to go Mike on your win and generous donation.
Josh Cohen places 2nd in 14-15 age group slalom and also places 2nd overall which is a combination of his results from all five events. Josh must be tired from all his hard work.
Xander Raith also placed 2nd overall for his age group(12-13). This is a picture of Xander doing a backflip which was a trick he pulled off at nationals.

I want to thank the SMS team for their hardwork this season and at nationals. It's been great working with you this winter. I look forward to spring, summer camp and next season. Enjoy your springbreak!

2011 USASA Nationals.

The SMS team joining the rest of the Southern Vermont Snowboard Series for the opening parade.
Peter Cerulo and Chip Linton getting ready for halfpipe. Peter placed 5th in the 16-17 age group.
Tanner Barrett doing a method on his way to finals.
Josh Cohen with a frontside air on his way to halfpipe finals as well.
Meghan Tierney in the BX gate on her way to an 8th place finish.
Marian Lobell free riding. She placed 8th in the 14-15 youth women BX.
Makayla Tierney racing through the first wu-tang in the BX on her way to small finals in Open Class(top 8 finish).
Chip Linton jumping down the staircase on his way to his 5th place finsh in the 16-17 age group BX.
Mike Perle staying low over the wu-tang. Mike placed 1st in Open Class BX which was an amazing finish.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2011 Nationals @ Copper Mtn. Official Results through Three days

We have seen four days of charging from the SMS Snowboarders and here are our official Team Results through three days plus Day 4 "unofficials" as far as I know so far. There are some events still getting done and nothing is official until awards tonight. With most of the Elite Crew off (resting from Jr Worlds and Pro event injuries or pursuing pro media exposure at "The Launch"), we have turned to the younger up and coming riders to carry the SMS Snowboarding torch at the Awards Ceremonies. Great Job Kids!

Day 1
Breaker Girls Halfpipe...Meghan Tierney 6th place.
Breaker Boys SBX...Xander Raith 3rd, Maverick Shaw 5th, Scott Sweitzer 26th place.
Junior Wmn HP...Marian Lobell 8th, Karen Kobayashi 10th place.
Youth Men GS...Josh Cohen 2nd, Mason Geils 10th Place.

Day 2
Josh Cohen frontside Slob
Breaker Girls Slopestyle...Meghan Tierney 7th place.
Breaker Boys Sl...Xander raith 20th, Tanner Pentony 67th place.
Youth Wmn Slopestyle...Karen Kobayashi 7th, Marian Lobell 12th place.
Youth Men HP...Tanner Barret 6th, Josh Cohen 9th, Jack Griffin 22nd place.
Junior Men HP...Peter Cerulo 5th, Chip Linton 20th place.
Day 3
Breaker Girls SBX...Meghan Tierney 8th place.
Breaker Boys GS Xander Raith 5th place.
Youth Wmn SBX...Marian Lobell 8th, Karen Kobayashi 11th place.
Youth Men Slopestyle...Jaime Charron 11th, Dan Landy 27th, Josh Cohen 37th, Tanner Barret 51st place.
Junior men Slope...Kyle Dorfman 14th place.
Open Class Wmn HP...Makayla Tierney 5th, Serena Shaw 6th. (Alumns Brooke and Jenn 11th and 15th)
Open Class Men HP...Mike Perle 13th, Connor Hundson 28th place.(Alumns James Haffy Haffner 4th and Joe Mensch 16th.)

So far so good and today's unofficial Results have been at least as positive for most of our team that was riding...James and Eric B are out there in Open Finals right now. Unh. Yeeah!

Pit Bull Time Trialing
If there is one thing as cool as winning as it's probably going the biggest and getting second. Maverick Shaw.
Breaker Boys Halfpipe was very tight and our boys were heavy in the mix. Maverick Shaw was the clear title holder in AMPLITUDE and he posed for what is easily my best shot of the week without even interrupting his 2nd place run. Very Rad. Xander rode solidly into 9th or tenth and Scott Sweitzer was tied for 22nd. The tie will be broken by the riders highest single score used for the total score. Very Proud of these boys for riding high among 70 competitors who were invited for winning around the country from Alaska to Jersey.

Youth Men raced on the SBX track and darkhorse Chip Linton riding in his first Nationals SBX made finals. Chip took 5th and that is one of the coolest things I've heard out here. Nice Job. Less pleased but still proud I hope, are Josh Cohen and mason Geils. Mace slipped in time trials and missed the cut-off to brackets by one. I know he wanted a piece of those heats but it was a success to reach Nationals already. Josh rode strong through trials and one round but had an issue in round two and did not return to semis like last year. Josh is still in hot pursuit of the Overall Combined title going into tomorrow's Slalom.
I know I missed someone somewhere and apologize with emphasis but I have one more captains meeting to make and some photos to load. Thanks for checking in.

Nationals Photo Update

Dan Landy, Back Lip, Youth Slope

Jameson Charron, tail slide, 270 off,
Youth Slope

TPentony. Run 1,

Breaker boys SBX, semi#1.
The time schedule has been relentless but the events roll on and most of our kids are still riding hard...Unfortunately however, we will not get to see JP McArdle in HP and Slope. He has torn an mcl in training but will be back on his feet and skating in three weeks. Jack Griffin overflipped in slope and could not do his contest runs. Phoebe took a big fall in Ms. Superpark  after making a great impression but she will not be competing today (or yesterday). We miss you guys out there but you had some great runs this year and will all slay it as soon as you get the chance again. We appreciate all the hard training and competing that brought you to this point in the season. It was a great one.
Good luck to everyone in the final two days. I will be updating results after HP today.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Busiest Day In Snowboarding

Mason Geils Training the staircase on the SBX course

Kyle and Jack front and center for the Slopestyle Practice about to start the day.
Today was the official venue practice day for each age group here at the 2011 Copper Mtn. USASA Nationals. My Day started at a seven thirty lift. I was up at the 8:00 am, group 5 Slopestyle practice with Kyle, Jaime, Dan, Tanner, Josh and Jack. It was a beautiful sunrise and the fastest day we have seen between those "LIFTY" jumps. The boys reeled it in. Kyle and Dan had particularly good runs but everyone had progress by the end of the hour and fifteen minute session. I am proud to say our guys made the most of the tight window by being first to drop and quick getting back up. Not Many competitors got four runs but every SMS rider did.
Mav with the big front five. Sic.

Xander Stalefish.
So from 8:00 am slope to 9:30 HP practice with Maverick, Scott, JP and Xander. Mav was one of the big air guys of the entire hr. Scott found his fives, JP tweaked his Methods and Xander landed his combos. Strong work done in the winter shows in the short, final pre-nationals tune up... Back to Slope for the 11:00 am gusty wind over wet-pack show. Progress every run...a quick slip with Ross, Scott, and Maverick in the SBX at 12:30 and then it was off to the Alpine Race Venues to meet up with Tanner and Xander for gate training until 3:00. Tanner did almost thirty runs in the slalom course today and Xander was out there ripping ruts in GS and then SL til we packed it in.
3:30 captains' meetings for all of tomorrows venues, 5:30 opening ceremonies parade and some tuning round out the day. the whole staff and Team had just such a day and tomorrow am Scott, Mav and Xander will race SBX. Josh and Mason will race GS and Karen, Marian and Meghan will compete in HP. Good Luck to all. A strong result can punctuate the season but we are proud of the training, and competing that these kids put in all winter. Lets have some fun doing what we do best.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Here We Are Back at Copper...

Benj Raith, Connor H,Tanner B, Jack G, JP McA, Ian K, Kyle D, Peter C, H Wood.
 Copper Mtn. Co. has become our home away from home with Fall Camps and Nationals trips year after year and it's great to be back. The snow is deep, the jumps are lifty and the SBX course is smoothe. There was an SBX training yesterday and Ross, Scott and Kevin scoped it, raked it and coached it with Marian, Karen, Josh, Mason, Xander. I get to go there today for round two. The rest of us on the hill yesterday began with some freeriding in the park and some back bowl riding for two hrs. Epic snow and low visibility in some high winds made for an excellent educational adventure. We hit the Park for three laps before lunch and after lunch it was Park to Pipe. The kids really adjusted well so far to the very different style of features built out here and today will be more of the same with greater focus on really finalizing the run plans. Stay tuned for some great pics, vids and stories of this years nationals as the week unfolds. Thanks again.
Tanner B Bs Rodeo

Xander FS 7