Thursday, October 11, 2012

Another Day of Turning Barriers into Features

  Very refreshing visit to the Wreck for the self appointed "gym guy" and part time third back up soccer coach, on weds.
The team has been through four weeks of tough and tactically planned stressing of their bodies in the weight room, while skating and playing soccer every day, one week of surfing skating and working out on the beach, another week of readjusting to hard work while concurrently being forced to reflect on what's important, what is fragile and what lasts and now one more week back into significantly focused work in the gyms and on their decks...all while keeping up with the steady dose of college prep education that separates SMS from other elite snowboard programs...LOng sentance? Yes but much longer time put in and it was a great refreshment to see these guys and girls doing what they do best and loving it.

 Minutes after Evan did that sweet fifty fifty across the coping of the ramp he was doing a double back flip on the tramp...Ezra is dropping from the street section to the mini ramp for that front three over the pool cope...Tairoia is wearing his skate helmet during that cork over so you know what he was doing five minutes before...
We travel the globe in search of the perfect setups and follow the pipelines to national teams, colleges and the next level shred but the bottom line on what our so called sport is all about is getting after IT on what ever's in front of you on any given day. These kids never get tired of the Wreck and are always finding a new line and learning a new trick in here. That is what I love about snowboarders, skaters, freeskiers and anyone else who is willing to just keep getting after IT day after day in their back yard, front yard, ramps, mats, gyms, curbs, rails, barriers. Especially barriers. Think about what that means...the playful mind turning barriers into features...Parent's weekend is here, remember to thank your kids and enjoy the weekend.
Jack G. ATF

If were lucky, there's a little captain in all of us!