Saturday, February 26, 2011


I don't have all the results from today's USASA Slope Event at Mt Snow, but I can share a few photos from the day. Tailgrab 360s by Mav Shaw and Xander Raith. Good to see the youth are developing style early. Both stood on the podium.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Quincy Tastes Gold at Canadian Winter Games

Wow, the success keeps coming for this year's Elite Crew. The latest to stand atop a podium is Quincy Korte-King. Quincy has been on tour with the Canadian Team north of the border, hitting a long series of events. She peaked at her final venue, winning Womens Halfpipe at the Canadian Winter Games. Doing so she joins SMS graduate and Canadian Team Rider Alex Duckworth as winners of this event. Great company if I say so myself. Quincy is back with the SMS Team next week for the Grand Prix in Mammoth CA.

Below is the text from the, who reported on Quincy

Nova Scotia may not offer the most exciting mountains in the world for a snowboarder to go, but for Rockcliffe’s Quincy Korte-King, the latest stop in a young career that is poised to take her big places is a special one nonetheless.

That’s because the 15-year-old former Ashbury College student will be participating in a competition that is a little different than the rest when she tackles the halfpipe at the Canada Winter Games on Thursday, Feb. 24 in Windsor, NS.

“From my point of view, it’s like a mini national Olympics,” says Korte-King, who was expecting it would be “really cool” to be part of Team Ontario in a multi-sport environment. “Obviously I want to ride as well as I can and I would love to land on top of the podium. I’ve been having trouble with consistency in competition this season, but I guess that’s my goal.”

The daughter of a national development team alpine skier, Korte-King was on skis since age two until her prized snowboard arrived under the Christmas tree three years later. As she got older, Korte-King started going to bigger hills in the area, starting at Camp Fortune, then moving to Mont Ste. Marie, followed by Mont Tremblant.

Korte-King fared well in regional contests, but an eye-opening experience set her on a new course when she attended a U.S. Open competition.

“It was just so crazy,” Korte-King recounts. “They all had personal coaches there.”

So she started visiting a coach in Vermont every couple weekends who also worked at Stratton Mountain School – a specialized ski and snowboard academy that has produced over 30 Olympic snow sport athletes.

Occasionally, Korte-King would beat riders from Stratton, but often she wouldn’t.

“They had such an advantage,” the former swimmer, volleyball player and gymnast recalls. “They’re riding every day and the coaching there is so great.”

So, this past fall, Korte-King enrolled at Stratton Mountain School, where she’s on the slopes from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and then in class after lunch until past 5 p.m.

“I’ve been having such a good time,” notes Korte-King, who believes moving away from Ottawa was a necessity to continue progressing in snowboarding. “In Ottawa, there aren’t that many girls competing. Having gone down there, there’s a whole group of us that push each other every day.”

Team Ontario snowboard cross coach Cassandra Smith of Ottawa acknowledges a forced move is the reality for most elite area snowboarders, although the Merivale High School grad who recently returned from Alberta is trying to put together a viable program for young local snowboarders through her new Akademy team.

Still building in its first year, Akademy wouldn’t be a major help to Korte-King at the moment – especially without a halfpipe in the region – but it’s Smith’s hope that down the road snowboarders will have the possibility to seriously develop their talents locally.

“There are some athletes to have come out of here in snowboarding in the past, but it really hits that point where they leave high school and have to go west to pursue that passion,” explains Smith, who was impressed to hear that Korte-King recently competed in her first World Cup competition at Stoneham, Que. “It definitely shows that she’s quite talented because they’re not just going to let anybody go.”

Nerves of steel

Whether it’s a World Cup or a Canada Winter Games, Korte-King says she never feels nervous.

“I always just tell myself, ‘I have nothing to prove at this competition,’” explains Korte-King, who’s almost always one of the youngest entrants. “I want to put pressure on myself so that I ride better, but I try not to worry about it that much and I tell myself that I have all the time in the world.

“I don’t need to be worrying about this, I just want people to notice me, and do what I came here to do, which is snowboard my best.”

Down the road, Korte-King would like to get invited to an X Games, or make an Olympics team, but she feels thankful for the chances she’s already received through snowboarding.

“I’m really lucky to have parents that support me so I can actually get this far in my sport, and to have coaches and people to ride with that push me this much,” Korte-King says. “A lot of the people I know have talent, but they might not have the resources, or their parents don’t want to send them to school for sports.

“I’m really lucky to have had all these opportunities.”

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Josh Cohen getting ready for his first run at the Holimont Nor-Am.
Josh charging the start of his second run.

Josh racing down the course of the Nor-Am.
Josh Cohen, his dad Saul and I traveled to Holimont Mountain for the Nor-Am alpine races. The drive was long but has been worth it for the race hill and event Holimont has put on. The town and mountain are small but fun and inviting. Josh fell on his first run and had a smooth second run on race day one. Josh placed 22nd which moved him up 8 spots from his start number with a fall. He missed the round of 16men. Tomorrow is the second race and after Josh's smooth second run he is planning on putting the two combined runs together. There were some National Team Canadian riders and some top US riders competing today. I think Josh had his best FIS point race to date today which is great.

Big News for Phoebe Novello

Readers of this blog know by now that Phoebe Novello has had a great season. This weekend things got even better when the Team Manager of DC Snowboards invited Phoebe straight to the finals of the Roxy Chicken Jam and to the exclusive Ms Superpark. Phoebe will be attending these events with DC Pros Kimmi Fasani and Raewyn Reid. These ladies represent the entire DC Female Team and Phoebe is being pulled in as an introduction to the team she could well be joining soon.
Not one to rest on laurels, Phoebe continues to progress and add tricks to her bag. This week she has perfected her Cab 540, as can be seen in the clip below.
Man it feels good to see Phoebe up on it! Keep up the hard work girl.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mikey Perle Grand Prix: Mission Accomplished.

Among a field of the World's Top SBX Racers Micheal Perle of Saddle River NJ and SMS Snowboarding placed fifth in Friday's time trials and did better than holding his own in Saturday's elimination heats. Saturdays first round of eight heats lined Mike up against the event's number two qualifier, (Olympian Graham Watanabee), number seventeen and number thirty. An action packed heat saw Mike cross the line first to advance well tested and warmed up, with confidence rising for the next round. In the second Heat Mike was lined up with Three current US Team members including Watanabee, Jason hale (another Olympic Team SBX'er) and SMS Alum Alex Deibold. After falling just behind in the start and first "Wu-Tang" features Mike rode hard and fast through three banks and over the first Step up jump to have enough speed for a pass attempt through the next step-to-pump roller to "double" to roller before the thirty foot tall bank (number 4)...That complex section was dubbed "michelin man" and Mikey P showed the speed and will to take the passing lane but just went a little too deep over Michelin to make that next big turn without a spin out. Going for it. Only way to move on in the Heats at this level of Snowboardcross. Couldn't be more proud of Mike's effort and performance at this major event. The Field included the last 6 X Games SBX Gold Medalists and the Two Time Olympic Gold Medalist pulled from the event due to undue risk. The banks were entirely necessary to make turns that headed fully across the hill in places and even back uphill from one to another. The double-pump-double sections of rollers between the step-up's, banks and step downs made this one of the most technical and Hairy courses ever built and raced upon.
Mikey P. over Wu number two
Mike was the Number Two USSA junior finisher and appears to have accomplished his mission here of securing a spot at the Junior World Championships in Italy this spring. Congratulations Mike and enjoy a well deserved rest.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Spencer getting ready to drop in for the Dew Tour halfpipe finals.
Jack Mitrani doing a huge frontside alley-opp to start off his run.

Spencer spinning a frontside 900 in front of the big Dew Tour crowd.

Luke Mitrani on top of the Podium winning the Dew Tour halfpipe finals.
Spencer rode well on his first run but had some problems with his frontside 1260 on his last hit. His second run was the best run I've ever seen him have. His run was: frontside 900, backside 900, fronside 1080, cab 1080, frontside 1260. He stepped up his run for this Dew Tour by adding the cab 1080 which was a great addition.
Louie Vito won the first two Dew Tour stops. He was riding great in practice but didn't have his best runs in finals. His 7th place was enough to earn him the Overall Dew Tour Cup.
Ellery Hollingsworth was also competing tonight and placed top 6 on the women's side.
Congratulations to Spencer and all the SMS alumni for their great performances in the finals.
1st Luke Mitrani
2nd Greg Bretz
3rd Steve Fisher
4th Jack Mitrani
5th Spencer Shaw


Spencer Shaw checking out the awesome halfpipe at Snow Basin for the Dew Tour final stop.
Spencer starting his run off with a frontside 900 tail grab during his qualifying run.

Serena Shaw getting some tv time during an interview for the news.

Feb 11 2011. Dew Tour Superpipe prelims. Snow Basin UT.
Serena Shaw rode hard with some of the top women in the world. She was unable to land her frontside 720 in her first run. But put down a nice and smooth second run to earn her 10th pace. They only took 5 women to the finals to meet up with one that was already qualified for a total of 6. So Serena placed 11th in the Women's Dew Tour Finals halfpipe which is a great result for her age.
Spencer Shaw has been really liking the halfpipe at Snow Basin. He fell his first run on a Frontside 1080 so he had to have a great second run. Which he did. Back to Back 900's Frontside 1080 Cab 720 and Frontside 1260. Spencer placed 6th in qualifying and earned his spot in the finals.
Finals are tonight from 4-6pm MST. Check your listings to see when the Winter Dew Tour finals will hit your tv. Spencer and many SMS alumni will be putting on a show in the halfpipe. Spencer is also in the running for Dew Tour Rookie Of The Year.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Boreal Rev tour Slope

Stop 4 of the Rev Tour is over. With the warm temps and first-class parks and pipe, this event was a pleasure to attend. Thursday was the HP event and Phoebe Novello and Chris Tierney were the fortunate two to make finals. Both athletes went for it, going down while attempting the best runs they are currently capable of. Rolling the dice, if you will. It was time for Phoebe to bring out the rodeo and, had she stomped, it would have made her $1000 richer. 4th place and the knowledge that she went for it were enough consolation. Chris went down on a back 900 which he had not practiced recently but almost landed. 4th for Chris also.
Today's slope event followed in this year's tradition of sunny slope comps. Phoebe entered the event an easy favorite, but had to battle the course right up to her last run, which was a true masterpiece of planning and execution. Second place for the birthday girl!
Kyle Dorfman showed that style counts by earning the highest scoring run without a 900. He just missed the cut. Ezra showed up to play but overshot his front 10. Chris Tierney combined style and difficulty to breeze into finals. Two hard falls in practice almost ended his day, but he took his finals runs in pain. His second run may have been the best run by an injured rider I have seen since Torstien's X-Games big-air victory. Hunter Wood just made finals and breezed in to improve his final result from 12th to 5th, his best Rev Finish.

Second 2nd place at last two Rev Tours, Phoebe Novello

Ezra Racine

Finalist Chris Tierney

5th Place Finisher Hunter Wood

Thursday, February 10, 2011

BOREAL Rev tour - Random shots -



Monday, February 7, 2011

Revolution tour Boardercross

We have been on a boarder cross whirlwind tour. The Southern Vt. series two event days at Alpine Meadows and now the Boreal Rev tour. The team has been riding super well and have been awesome to work with. Everyone had fast qualification times in the morning and all made it into heats. Mike Perle was up first in the second heat. Mike had a killer start and was out front and charging. Blazing his way into the second turn with riders on his tail,Mike's heels dug to deep into the soft snow and he went down. Next up in the gate was Josh Cohen. Josh wanted that hole shot bad!maybe to much? Unfortunately he bumped the gate before it feel. Josh was still able to react and pull it back together and hang with the pack. With the harsh reality of racing shown to the athletes as well as myself. I looked to the ladies for redemption. Karen Kobayashi and Makayla Tierney were both in the semi-finals and looking for the front. Both had awesome starts. Watching the smooth controlled style of both Makayla and Karen into the last set of rollers and out of sight,I was confident that was the way they were going to end up,1ST and 2ND. And I was right! Being in the semi-finals that would place Makayla 6TH and Karen 7Th. In boarder cross there are super highs and super lows. I have seen all of these athletes deal and learn from both of those.

Revolution tour BX

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Revolution tour Boreal

The longer we stay we stay the more we grow. With the Rev tour at BOREAL we have seen the team grow two more riders. Maybe it's all the sun we have been getting the past week ? Chris Tierney and Makayla Tierney joined us this morning for some runs. Makayla will be racing in the boardercross event on Monday with Josh Cohen,Karen Kobayashi,and Mike Perle. The course is very busy and there is not much time to second guess yourself. The crew put in some good solid practice runs and made good time of the day. Stay tuned for more BX action.

Phoebe Novello and Hunter Wood Win Main Event Finals

This friday I drove up to Sugarloaf Maine with Phoebe and Hunter for the Main Event fianls. The 5 hour drive was filled with good conversation, strategy talks and scenery. We arrived at CVA to see our good friends Mike Mallon and Travis Moore. Travis was promoting his Argentina camp SASS. Apropos as one of the prizes up for grabs at finals was a free session at said camp.

Saturday graced us with one of the nicest days Sugarloaf has seen in years. Clear skies, mild temps, leftover powder and a great contest set-up made for an idyllic morning on the slopes. Hunter and Phoebe have new confidence and focus at comps this winter and their rise through the Main Event series has helped greatly. They rolled into the event like the champs they came out to be.
After casing a backside 360 on the 50 footer, Phoebe came back in the second run and stomped one deep. Hunter put himself high on the scorecard with a backside 900, but felt he should seal the victory with his double backflip. This trick was also sent to the bottom of the jump and stomped. One-two punch, KOs the judges and announcer...

Hunter and Phoebe both stood proudly atop the podium at day's end. Phoebe won all three stops, making her the points winner in this reputable East Coast Institution. Both riders will have their names engraved on the heavyweight belts joining a short list of current pros like Alex Duckworth, Shayne Fortier and Brandon Reis.

What else was in the purse for the Champs?

Overall Winner - Free session at South American Snow Sessions Argentina camp this summer. Phoebe won but in a shining example of showwomanship handed it to Hunter.

CASH- Hunter $500, Phoebe $250

PRODUCT- Both riders won Burton snowboards, $500 Nixon watches, helmets, hats and more.

US OPEN SLOPE SPOTS- Perhaps the sweetest prize, Hunter and Phoebe get to skip the slopestyle qualifying rounds at the US OPEN.

The trip home was tough. 7 hours in the worst driving conditions endured by this coach. Hail, lightning, rain....
Our spirits could not be dominated though and we pushed through like the Heavyweight Entourage we had become. Hunter staid awake the entire trip to keep me sane and as the sun was setting and we neared the NH border we saw a real Maine moose. As I lay safe in bed before midnight, I knew full well that one of my best days at SMS was behind me.

Friday, February 4, 2011

The final day of the HOLESHOT tour came to a close today. Our day started off with sun and qualification rounds. The goal of the day was to do better in some way shape or form than yesterday. If it meant faster qualification times? or taking a chance that you wished you had taken the day before. If any one person had their sights set,it was Josh Cohen. Josh rode stronger and better than yesterday but unfortunately was one rider out from qualifying. Karen Kobayashi and Mike Perle were able to get themselves into the show. Karen was riding smooth and aggressive she found her way into semi-finals and earned a 5Th place finish. Mike blazed his way through berms that he had issues with. He also found the time to throw a back 360 on the hip in his run. Also earning his way into semi-finals he had a 7TH place finish. I am stoked that these athletes dug deep,set a goal and pushed themselves and achieved that goal.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

HOLESHOT day #1 in the books

The HOLESHOT tour at Alpine Meadows kicked off today with a bang. The field was stacked with riders from all over the nation as well as the world. Making the cut was chour in itself. Josh Cohen had fast runs and was taking chances but unfortunately was unable to qualify against the heavy hitters. Mike Perle and Karen Kobayashi were able to make it into the qualifying rounds. Karen was up first to race and guess who was on her left hand side? Jacqueline Hernandez. The sportswoman-ship in that starting gate was something to see. Jackie was high-fiving Karen and having fun. When the gate finally dropped Karen held her ground right into the first turn like a true racer. Karen make it into semi-finals which got her a 5Th place finish over all. Mike was up after the woman's show down. After a bad pull out of the gate and running 4Th he was able to claw his way 1st place in that heat. After the second heat race Mike ended up 14Th over all. The level of features,speed and riding at this event is something to see. Like I say,'You live to ride another day' and we will in the morning!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tomorrow we race

Today was the first and final day of practice for the HOLESHOT tour.Tomorrow we race! Practice went well with everyone getting faster as the day went on. The course is fast and challenging and the crew has seemed to figure out the fastest lines.I have posted some random shots for you to enjoy because we have enjoyed them as well.