Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Skate Team Grows and Evolves

As soccer, cross-country and cross fit teams wrap up for the season, the skateboard team has accepted all comers and now fields over 11 members. New additions include:


As for the original members, they are learning new tricks daily and developing as skaters and classmates. Connor Hudson blew my mind yesterday with a HURRICANE on tranny (pool coping even!).

RANDALL STACY lives by the motto "Git Tricks or Die Tryin'". And the tricks he's choosin, OMG! Switch frontside 50-50s and straight-up BLUNT-TO-FAKIE:

Team Inspiration JAMES HAFFNER continues to be the one we all look to and admire for his style, nerve and equanimity. Check this BACK-LIP on the Jersey Barrier.

James has been with the skate team since day one. Last night I began to lament his passing, months before graduation. He has been the spirit of the program (along with Shimpeno), and, like Shimp, he will be sorely missed next year. Same goes for Randall Stacy, who has offered blood, sweat and no tears to each session. That leaves Hunter, Hudson and Tierney to take the helm and motivate the team with tricks, courage and positive vibes.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Skate Team Fundraiser for Mike Schwarz


The SMS Skate Team threw a fundraising skate competition at the SMS park last night. A lack of a local skate series means we have to put on our own events, and this one went off! Proceeds from the event are going to local skater/snowboarder Mike Schwarz. Mike was riding for the UVM snowboard team last year before a traumatic head injury put him into a coma for several months. Skaters from all over VT showed up to support the cause, including state legends Jerry Tucker, Tyler Lynch and the Ludlites. Guest judges Huck Gibson and Lucas Magoon made sure everything was legit and tricks were clean.


The comps consisted of a game of S.K.A.T.E., a 13 and under street jam and a night-ending mini-ramp jam. The final round for the game of S.K.A.T.E. was heavy. Connor Hudson, Tyler Lynch, Huck Gibson, Zed, and Danny Dockum battled it out with Tyler coming out on top. Local skate enthusiast and Kirk's Skatecamp sole team rider Jake Gaudet took the jr street comp. By the time the mini-ramp comp started there were close to 50 skaters mobbing the park to live metal music. This was the first live show the skatepark has seen and what a way to start the tradition! Scotty J, Mike Mallon and Brett Hines ripped through metal instrumentals, fueling the spirits of the frenzied skaters.


There were some hardcore skaters in the mini-ramp comp, but none could outshine Jerry Tucker. It is always a pleasure to watch Jerry skate. The fact that the skilled line-up of skaters in the comp could not hold a candle to Jerry speaks volumes about his talent. His character was on display also when he gave up his cash prize to the Mike Schwarz donation jar.


Thanks for all the support from Shut Skates, Gatorade, Vermont Skateboards, Nick at Podium, the metal band, and Team Tierney on the grill and at the door.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

One More Autumnal Update

The foliage in VT may be a cliche to some people. The winter may be the priority for many up here. Myself I have always loved the fall the most and this year is one of the best in memory. Wednesday's sunrise county road loop may have been the highlight. Just to see the glowing-orange-tunnel-like-canopy over the county road dirt as we pass the Tierney/Powers compound is a compelling passage. The running is easy after so many laps this year and even the mighty Brazer's Way hill was pretty comfortable. The air was cold but the view made it all painless. Perhaps your children have a different experience but I promise they will cherish the memories. Regardless of their perspective or appreciation of a new england vista they are all in better physical shape than they arrived in.
They have survived the Anotomical Adaptation period of the first five weeks of dryland training. They are well adjusted to the schedule. Their reps will now decrease, and the weights used will be heavier. The focus of the training is still functional strength and mobilty, implementing games as often as possible to keep the movements real and the motivation high but everything is now more intense.
Parents weekend was great. It really is nice to see everyone's families in town and on campus. All of our new community members are into the swing and today we have wrapped up the registration for all prequalified Rev Tour athletes. USSA had a few old email addresses but the loose ends are tied. It feels good to be in sync with the season. Tuesday the next round of spots will be taken on a first come first served basis. If your son or daughter has a rev tour event on his/her schedule please make sure your coach has their USSA and FIS license numbers and a CC to use for registration. The coaching staff will do the online registrations for these events.( and in general ONLY these events.)
Today at 4:00 pm the SMS Skate Team is hosting a Contest/Fundraiser at our Skatepark. Funds raised will be given to the family of Micheal Schwarz to help defray the costs of his ongoing care. Mike suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury in last spring's World Quarterpipe Championships. He is a southern VT. Local and close friend of SMS Snowboard Coaches Scotty J and Ian Kirk. Any donations should be directed to

Friday, October 2, 2009

SMS Skate Team

I figured it was time for an update on the SMS Skateboarding Team. As you may or may not know, skateboarding is a fall and spring sport elective. This started 3 years ago, and gives our athletes another sport choice alongside soccer, golf, tennis, lax and cross-country running. Since year one, skating has been a popular choice, fielding 7-14 team members each season. Past standouts include Ellery Hollingsworth, Dan Feldman, Alex Bayer and Johnny Malanga.
This fall the team has 9 members. Current leaders James Haffner, Hunter Wood, Chris Tierney and Connor Hudson have been on the team for years and do a great job setting the tone of each practice and event.
We had an influx of hungry skaters to the team this year. Orin Pearce, Connor Callen and Kyle Dorfman had been dreaming about the SMS park all summer, and are now finding lines and skating the park like locals. The team is rounded out nicely by Erik Roomet and Randall Stacy. Erik obviously spent his summer skating. He has new street tricks and can now skate mini-ramp. Randall is a testament to how quickly you can learn to skate well, if you are willing to put your butt on the line. His mini-ramp mastery would make you think he was born on a skateboard.

Yesterday at practice I took the last 20 minutes to film. I challenged the team to all get one trick on film. I was blown away at the tricks they chose, and by the fact that 11 people (Coach Kirk and Jamie Charron being 10 and 11) filmed tricks in such a short time . The video attached is proof!
Photos are proof too! Sort of, they can be decieving, but these ones aren't. All makes! Chris Tierney bs flip. Ian Kirk wallie. Erik Roomet feeble grind.
The skate team is planning an event in the next month. As in the past, it will be a jam-format comp with prizes, food, local skaters, and, hopefully, live music! This event will also be our second fund-raiser for injured VT snowboarder Mike Schwarz. Stay posted.