Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Deal Of a Lifetime.

Some days you wake up and the moisture is everywhere and the light is not. You go up the road to the mountain anyways because that's just what you do. Going to get some shred action is what gets these kids up in the morning. They pack their lunch and eat some breakfast and shuffle with dragging laces into the van. Some days it works out but even when it doesn't we know that going up was the only way to find out and that's worth it. Today it worked out for an hr and a half. Total bargain.

Marian Lobell Nose Gr. on the Frontside wall.

                                              Karen Kobayashi FS Nose Gr.

JP McArdle Frontside 540 Tail gr on frontside wall.
Method Air.

 The Artist AKA Mak T.

So When You wake up in the Morning, just say Yes. It could be the deal of a lifetime.

Hello Sun, Goodbye India

We had a great day again today with the clear weather coming back and the pipe having had a good raking last night. In these later days of our first summer training camp we have some bruises and some new tricks. Mike went bigger than anyone and bigger than he has all month, today. Makayla's fire was back up and she was letting it run. Marian pushed her airs back up and out as well as spent some time with JP and I dropping into rock-to-fakie to build up the flat base skills for  handplants or inverted airs. Karen is feeling the pain of getting past her first few days and now riding large. Meghan is feeling the crashes from earlier in the week and Phoebe took a pretty good slam by about 11:00 am today showing off her new alley-oop rodeo. Progression pays a price and I hope everyone is feeling fine tomorrow. Enjoy the photos.

We have been training mostly Pipe as the set up is conducive to that but India continued to lap the Public Park and HCSC handle tows. She boarded for home at 10:20 for a day of rest before heading off to Europe for some riding at Les deux alps in France. Good Luck, have fun and say bonjour to my friend Cesar.