Tuesday, September 22, 2009

These Days

These days are our anatomical adaptation phase of dryland training. This phase is five weeks beginning after testing. At the end of the period we will raise levels of difficulty. As always the focus is on function first. This means that isolated muscle exercises are rare while dynamic movements are featured daily. That refers to both the warm up and body of each training session. When we do plyometric training we keep the number of reps low. Our "strength" program is aimed at the whole body and the weights are never above 80% of max. Our aerobic training is primarily to train for training. This means that the muscle cells and lungs of a runner do not help a snowboarder stick tricks but a base in that aspect of fitness means I can keep functioning at a high level when hiking a pipe or a long day of laps adds up. Stretching this line of thinking I can say too that "anatomical adaptation" is a phase of training for the harder training to come. So when you ask your daughter how much she benched today and she says it's not the weight or number of reps but the form that is important now you know where she's coming from.
The casual way of describing whats going on out there is that we are running and jumping, doing yoga, walking tight ropes and lifting weights. We are keeping it mixed well and the kids are doing well. Yesterday we played on the new obstacle course in the woods out back.

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