Friday, October 2, 2009

SMS Skate Team

I figured it was time for an update on the SMS Skateboarding Team. As you may or may not know, skateboarding is a fall and spring sport elective. This started 3 years ago, and gives our athletes another sport choice alongside soccer, golf, tennis, lax and cross-country running. Since year one, skating has been a popular choice, fielding 7-14 team members each season. Past standouts include Ellery Hollingsworth, Dan Feldman, Alex Bayer and Johnny Malanga.
This fall the team has 9 members. Current leaders James Haffner, Hunter Wood, Chris Tierney and Connor Hudson have been on the team for years and do a great job setting the tone of each practice and event.
We had an influx of hungry skaters to the team this year. Orin Pearce, Connor Callen and Kyle Dorfman had been dreaming about the SMS park all summer, and are now finding lines and skating the park like locals. The team is rounded out nicely by Erik Roomet and Randall Stacy. Erik obviously spent his summer skating. He has new street tricks and can now skate mini-ramp. Randall is a testament to how quickly you can learn to skate well, if you are willing to put your butt on the line. His mini-ramp mastery would make you think he was born on a skateboard.

Yesterday at practice I took the last 20 minutes to film. I challenged the team to all get one trick on film. I was blown away at the tricks they chose, and by the fact that 11 people (Coach Kirk and Jamie Charron being 10 and 11) filmed tricks in such a short time . The video attached is proof!
Photos are proof too! Sort of, they can be decieving, but these ones aren't. All makes! Chris Tierney bs flip. Ian Kirk wallie. Erik Roomet feeble grind.
The skate team is planning an event in the next month. As in the past, it will be a jam-format comp with prizes, food, local skaters, and, hopefully, live music! This event will also be our second fund-raiser for injured VT snowboarder Mike Schwarz. Stay posted.

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