Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Deal Of a Lifetime.

Some days you wake up and the moisture is everywhere and the light is not. You go up the road to the mountain anyways because that's just what you do. Going to get some shred action is what gets these kids up in the morning. They pack their lunch and eat some breakfast and shuffle with dragging laces into the van. Some days it works out but even when it doesn't we know that going up was the only way to find out and that's worth it. Today it worked out for an hr and a half. Total bargain.

Marian Lobell Nose Gr. on the Frontside wall.

                                              Karen Kobayashi FS Nose Gr.

JP McArdle Frontside 540 Tail gr on frontside wall.
Method Air.

 The Artist AKA Mak T.

So When You wake up in the Morning, just say Yes. It could be the deal of a lifetime.

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