Tuesday, May 24, 2011

SMS at ParkCity?!

SMS at Park City in the springtime? You betcha. Powers, Kirk and myself had the good fortune and support of Mr Kaltsas this past week to go out to Park City UT. and spend three days at the Center of Excellence. While there we attended the classroom component of the USSA/USASA 300 level coaches certification. It was both informative and a great reinforcement of the methods being applied by the staff here. Ian and Ross dismantled the skate bowl and I threw a few tricks on the trampolines as well as getting a great workout in at the Newpark Rec Center. It was cool to share my new Kettlebell teaching cues with Ross while Ian and some other coaches skated the PC Cement Park. We were probably all expecting sunny spring Utah days when we committed but the weather was anything but nice. Snowbird received three feet while we were there and PC was damp and chilly.
On our third day we attended the USSA Snowboard Sport Committee meetings and learned about preliminary contest schedules, new helmet legislation proposed rule changes as well as hearing all regional reports, the US Team report and a report by the Newest member of the USSA Board, Rider Rep Danny Kass. Sort of exciting.

Ross then headed to a fund raising event in Reno and let Ian and I go and accept The USSA Snowboard Club of the Year Award at the seasonal USSA Awards banquet. Quite an honor to be accepting an award on behalf of the SMS Snowboarding Community and even more so to be on a stage and at a banquet with so many Olympians and "lifers" in the snowsports world. As a coach, this is really a humbling pleasure and we are grateful to everyone who makes this thing roll.

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