Tuesday, June 28, 2011

USSA Project Gold SBX Camp, Mt Hood OR. June 9th-17th 2011.

Mt. Hood with a ton of snow this summer. Also the Project Gold private high speed quad and start of the sbx course for the camp. What an amazing setup and great camp. All the SMS athletes rode hard, improved their technique and trained with US Team athletes.

Josh Cohen, Michael Perle and Karen Kobayashi. The SMS Project Gold SBX athletes.

Karen on the right racing down the track against a fellow Project Gold athlete.

Michael Perle in the black sweatshirt charging off the first feature. Jackie Hernandez SMS alumni in purple and Chris Mahaney in plaid.

Josh Cohen in yellow making a good move on the drop. Karen on the right flying over the feature as well.

The Project Gold SBX athletes and coaches. This was one of the best sbx training camp setups I've ever seen.

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