Saturday, October 15, 2011

Parents Weekend Brings a Sunny Day

Ross Welcoming the new year's parents.

Josh Cohen staying sharp on the passed ball.
Its nice to see a campus full of adults for a change and the support is overwhelming. Some individual coach/parent meetings are still taking place but while I have some time between meetings and before the BBQ lunch (to be followed by soccer games). It's a nice time to say thanks to everyone who could take the time to come and support their kids and get up to speed on the upcoming season. Thanks.
Be sure and speak up if you missed the meetings and feel out of the loop. If you have not done so please register your athlete for USASA(membership at If your son or daughter is in the Elite, Speed and Style, or Am Crew within the larger team and you have not done so get registered also for USSA/FIS ( Your point man coach will fill you in on your son or daughters individual contest schedule and relevant registration steps.
World Gym.
 Looking forward to the snow more and more. In the meantime here are some more shots from the 1st Annual Sideways Standing Bootcamp at Rye Beach New Hampshire...
Speed is Strength.
Elite Team and Skate Team Coach Ian Kirk Demonstrates the proper Technique

Bowling Team Captain Andrew Tousignant

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