Saturday, March 31, 2012

Yup Sun's Still Out Here Too Kirk.

Ian I hope the spanish rebellion is settling out if only for the sake of Junior World Championships. Congratulations and Thanks to every American and SMS Snowboarder for going over to rep our home to the world. The rest of us are in Summit County CO. for the USASA Nationals and some heavy training to continue the season. You would be proud of Dan Landy for being Dan the Man. Danimal. Stan! Dan is landing his stock line of sbs 5 to fs seven so quick each day that he gets to push for front nine and sbs 7. They are coming, and it is real. Four out of five guys at Breck got their sevens pretty dialed today and the 5th is every bit as happy just to be back on Snow. Great to Xander Raith back on the road to Health and riding again.
The SBX train has been rolling and the kids love it but the course was unkind to Mace who suffered a slight concussion in training. Noelle has had an MRI to check out her training injury from spain and it looks like an acl tear to complete the season. We will ride hard to honor those of us who cannot and hope for speedy and perfect recovery for both athletes. Chip said HP traioning was great at copper today and tomorrow we engage the busiest day in snowboarding. 22 sms riders among nearly 2000 others will move from venue to venue with an hour and a quarter to settle their contest tactics for the comps to follow. The weather is great and the facilities are far ahead of what we imagined just years ago. Looking forward to some great riding to wrap up the season for all of these kids who have worked all year in every condition. Sunny and Sick on the schedule throughout!

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