Monday, April 9, 2012


Dan Landy charged the slopestyle all day even when the jumps slowed down. Dan placed 8th.
Evan Werner getting ready to drop in for his halfpipe run. Evan placed 11th in his first Nationals.
Peter Cerulo putting some style into his frontside air on his way to 6th place.
Owen Barth getting ready to drop in. Owen placed 19th in his first Nationals Halfpipe.
Chip Linton kicking out a backside air during his pipe run. Chip placed 11th.
Kiersten Edwards on top of the podium again winning Slalom and GS.
Jack Griffin backside 360. Jack placed 12th in the 14-15 age group. Also 8th in the Halfpipe.
JP McArdle backside 360 on the big jump line. JP placed 10th in the Halfpipe and 22nd in Slope.
Xander Raith locking in his grab on this spin.
Evan Werner going for it in his Boardercross time trial.
Chip Linton on his way into the heats in the 16-17 age group.
Michael Boylan about to drop in for his time trial run.
Josh Cohen with a big hole shot. Josh rode hard and smart all day in the BX finals.
Marian Lobell on the podium for her 3rd place finish in Halfpipe.
Karen Kobayashi joining Marian on the Halfpipe podium for her 2nd place finish.
Josh Cohen wins the Boardercross in the 16-17 age group.
Kiersten Edwards winning the Overall after taking all 1st and 2nd places in all five disciplines.
Karen Kobayashi also winning the overall in her age group of 16-17.
The SMS Team had a great Nationals winning 16 medals and holding it down for the Southern VT Snowboard Series which placed 2nd in the medal count ranking out of all the series around the country. It was a cool Nationals seeing some of our team compete in their first Nationals to some of the older athletes having their best Nationals ever. Like Rakai Tait placing top 10 in his 1st Nationals Halfpipe and placing second in the Woodward Bowl Jam. To Karen Kobayashi winning the Boardercross, getting on the podium in both freestyle events and winning the overall title.
I hope everyone has a great spring break. Then it will be time to start the process of training towards next snowboard season. Great job this year SMS Team.

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Otis Delarosa said...

Congratulation SMS team! You deserve it :D