Saturday, November 29, 2008

Day one of Copper Camp

It was a long night of checking in following three months of dryland training, a long day of driving flying and driving again in snow but we made it. We straightened out some faulty room keys and went back for the keys we didn't get the first time but the underclassmen ate by 8:00 pm here at copper and the upperclassmen found their new home for a month in Breckenridge. We are finally on snow and it's still snowing out there. Conditions have been pretty dry here lately but the snowmakers and groomers have built a great halfpipe and it has been snowing since yesterday aftenoon.
The snowtotal of seven inches this morning matched the last months total and made for a fun day of warming up and checking out our gear. More than one local has thanked me today for bringing the snow. Some riders were charging along like midseason as a result of long summers and recent days at home. Others like me need to build slowly. Each training group pretty much had the same fun and easy warm up plan for day one. Slash around, do some switch riding try out some boxes.
I slammed one pretty good, Alex Bayer dinged up a new board pretty well. Cam Howe greased a frontside boardslide through the flat-down-flat box and James Haffner did a frontside rodeo 540 out of the bottom of the snowy halfpipe.
Beside the snow in the pipe the shape is great and when the snow eases up we will have the training we count on here. In the meantime the fluffy snow is a great way to have fun getting our legs and minds snowboarding again. Everyone is healthy in the altitude and getting their rest right now. Tomorrow we will will have more highlights and the progression will surely expand and deepen.

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