Sunday, November 30, 2008

16 inches and 70mph winds on top...

More of the same riding wise today. The wind kept the second chair from opening until 1 pm which made for longer lift line at american flyer lift a bit slower. That crowd was gone by 10:30 and the lap speed came right back up. The snow was bumped but soft soft soft. 50% of the pro-am group is has a flip variation-all day long. Halfpipe rookie Kevin Mattice is going is big as anyone and adding a trick every run. Haffner mctwists. Perle lands ten alley-oop back rodeos. You can not tell Emily P is riding switch in the bumps. Scotty J is claiming young female pipe rippers in the dev posse....These are obviously just a few and random sample of the hightlights.
On the practical information side of things for those of you at home. Again today there were no injuries. We did have a young rider awaken to some symptoms of altitude sickness. It was a tough headache, sore throat and dryheaves. Bummer yes but the doctor here at the clinic will not call it "Altitude sickness" without a noticeably high heart/pulse rate. He administered some o2 and prescribed an in-room tank. The child is feeling fine and riding tomorrow unless things turn around. That is the procedure for these symptoms. The fix is easy and there is no need for extra worry if it comes up again. By the way you would already know if it is your son or daughter. The breck crew is likely taking tomorrow and the copper crew will ride two more days and then break.

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