Friday, April 3, 2009


Banger of a photo huh? Guess I should address that first. Chris Waker, blasting the biggest air I have seen all year in Copper's back bowls. Dave Redden and I had the pleasure of riding with Chris after training yesterday and this is what we were treated to. He grabbed and stomped, but way out of the frame of this photo. As a long-time Waker fan, my stoke was barely controllable.
Flash back a day or two. We all arrived safe in Colorado and were pleased to see winter conditions. Low temps and snow, snow, snow. While this made for tough pipe and park training (no speed), the slope and pipe are the same as when we were here in Dec-Jan so our kids are already familiar with them. We made the most of our days by hitting what we could in the park and ripping powder turns all around the mountain.
On a quite unfortunate note, Hunter Wood injured his leg (separated growth plate by his ankle) on our first day and will not be able to compete. This was crushing to all who know him. Hunter has been on a tear, and he is tough as nails. To see him taken out on a miniscule jump was cruel. He is showing his character by taking it in stride and hanging out to cheer on the team. He will be back in no time. I am counting on James and Hunter to make comebacks on the skate team this spring.
Registration was today, practice tomorrow. Conditions are perfect and the crew will be in top form come Sunday. Wish us luck and stay tuned.

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