Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day 3. Podium, Podium, Podium

Kevin Mattice took 2nd place in the men's Jam's Halfpipe yesterday. Frontside three-sixty to cab(switch front) seven to start, front three to cab five to finish and Podium. Meanwhile over at the BX course again Brendan Conroy and Mike Perle advanced through round after round of six man heats to the final for the third year in a row. My view from the top only ranged far enough to see the first table, roller, roller, bank and jump but those at the bottom could see the finish line quite clearly. Everyone there said that if the long and heavily featured course were twenty feet longer Brendan would have taken the Gold this year. Nice bid young man. Brendan, who time trialed into fifth for the seeded of the bracket only had his lane choice once on his way to the right side of the podium. Congratulations.
Mike Perle was part of the final heat hole-shot pile up but jumped up fast and made his way back to finish third behind Brendan and take his place on the other side of the podium.
Ross Powers was on the left side of the podium for halfpipe in the Nagano Olympics. He was also on the top of the podium for halfpipe at the Salt Lake Olympics. Curiously enough he is the co-owner of a Snowboard and Skateboard shop in downtown Manch. Vt which is named Podium. Well known for the halfpipe run that showed the world what freestyle snowboarding is all about Ross is currently a leading American BX Racer. One of about 12 American males who are actually still eligible for next years Olympic BX podium. Ross had this to say about Perle last night. "Based on the second place in time trials, the dominance of blowing out some heats, double passing in another and his smooth flexing style at speed in each heat: Mike was the best rider out there." Ross' view was much better than mine but I have been agreeing with that account for three years. The best rider doesn't always win in BX but the best continue to have a chance year after year. That's the kind of snowboarder that makes an SMS Coach the most proud. That kind of snowboarding is where we focus and the contest results appear in the wake of that apprach, but I just have to say the word one more time. Because I've never seen a team take so many and I'm kind of in awe. Podium.

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