Monday, April 5, 2010

Nationals Day 2: Podiums!

Day 2 at Nationals and the SMS Train is full steam. I enjoyed a day at Slopestyle with the Jr and Youth men. The slope course was firm and fast, which caters to rippers, but is hell for the mediocre. Lucky for me, I have rippers on my squad, and so does Scotty J!
While Mike Perle came up a bit short on a sure podium run, Chris Tierney and Randall Stacy found their way to the podium in 1st and 2nd respectively. I hate to call a podium run before the comp is over, but after Tierney's second run I was surrounded by fans of his who claimed the run for him. Tons of style coming out of both these riders, no wild hucking in sight.
I was really happy to see Hunter Wood, James Haffner and Jamie Charron cheering on the riders. It really helps and it was totally genuine.
Speaking of Jamie Charron, that kid ripped today! His run of 5, 5, 7 turned into 5, 5, 1080! While the 10 was an unintentional overspin, the kid landed it and his SMS status skyrocketed in under a minute. Great job Jamie!
Kyle Dorfman also tore it up and like Jamie, Mike P, Tierney and Randall, he has style for days. I believe he ended up 8th. Great day for Pro/Ams!
The Development Team also had a couple of podium spots today in Boardercross. Lena and Marian rode really well today and did great in time trials but just missed finals. Karen and Jennifer were on fire today! They easily made it to finals and both placed 3rd in their age groups. Congratulations ladies.
Thanks for all the positive support from the families out here. As Scotty J has been telling me, a nice word goes a long, long way.

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