Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Boardercross for me today with Mikey Perle and Josh Cohen. Ian Kirk had my back all day and he was soaking up the scene and keeping the guys in check. These kids showed up ready to race and the Copper mtn course offered many challenges and every type of weather possible to keep our days interesting. After a slight course hold that allowed over an inch of snow to build up after inspection we finally got the clear to begin time trials. Despite my pleas for a snow seed,(the lower seeded riders go first to break in the course) the OC wouldn't have it and MIkey being the top seed ventured into the freshie laden course as the first rider on course. I'm not sure how it would have been had he gone later but he posted the fastest time of the day that bested the field by 1.5 and even trumped the 16-17 boys. Sitting comfortably in the lead and lane choice for the day had us feeling pretty good. Josh Cohen following Mikeys lead and rising up over a tough practice run crash posted the fifth fastest time for the day. Josh has been riding awesome and he showed a lot of courage jumping right back in after a crash and really hanging it out there.

The first heat left josh in a tangle up with some less experienced riders who were in over their heads and used Josh as a leaning post through turn three. This is sbx racing and sometimes the worse luck happens to the best guys. Josh was not able to overcome the pileup and settled for fifth in his heat and the end of his day. Josh should hold his head high knowing he was the fifth fastest guy out there today and he has many races to come in his young career.

MIkey tore through heat after heat battling tough conditions and even a few mistakes. In the semis he passed five guys after turn two to win every heat headed into the finals. In the final it was Mikey again who proved why he was the fastest on the course and made short work of the competition making a strategic pass on the final turn to seal the deal. Congrats to both these boys on their hard work today and through the entire season.


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