Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Skate Team 2010

I believe this is the 4th year that SMS has had a Skate Team, and turnout is higher than ever. I often think back on the strong skaters I have had on the team. Names like Ellery Hollingsworth, James Haffner and of course Rick Shimpeno. Four years of skating the SMS park does wonders for these kids, and I have already seen rapid progression from skaters like Connor Hudson, Jamie Charron, Chip Linton and Josh Cohen. And although I miss the Old Guard, I still have veterans Hunter Wood and Chris Tierney setting the tone. James Haffner has made almost every session this fall too.
The other cool facet of the team is the female participation. Quincy, Makayla and Phoebe show up and skate without pause for hours and are unknowingly enhancing their riding styles.

Chris Tierney steps up a lipslide with Ross' approval.

Peter Cerullo and Ross Powers get down on the extension

Skate Team Fall 2010 is:
Ross Powers
Hunter Wood
Chris Tierney
Owen Barth
Chip Linton
Mike Perle
Makayla Tierney
Jamie Charron
Connor Callen
Ezra Racine
Josh Cohen
Quincy Korte-King
Maverick Shaw
With frequent guest visits from James Haffner

Connor, Chip and Tierney skate like locals at the Chester Park

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