Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thank You Gatorade.

One of the greatest aspects of coaching at SMS is the fact that if we want to do something with our athletes or go train in a certain way at a certain place and compete in a specific contest: we go, we do it. The school is about making dreams into realities on so many levels. This season we increased our dryland focus on functional training by making the functional movement screen the baseline from which we train each athlete. To make this effort an effective reality Gatorade has stepped up and bought SMS Snowboarding two Functional Movement Screen Test Kits, four Foam Rollers, six Kettlebells, three Tiger Tails and a Flip Camera.
So drink up your Gatorade. Drink it before, after and during your workouts. And feel good about Gatorade and know that they are helping out not only the sports training world in general but also SMS Snowboarders, Nordic, Alpine and Free Skiers. It takes tuition to keep classrooms warm and dry. It takes the special efforts and kindness of a great network of friends and supporters to make the dream machine run.
Thank You.

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