Thursday, July 21, 2011

2011 SMS Mt. Hood Oregon Summer Snowboard Camp.

Mt. Hood towards the end of July. Still with a good amount of snow. Thank you Timberline Mt. Hood and Windell's for great summer camp sessions.

Mt. Hood in June with the most snow I've ever seen this time of year.

Karen Kobayashi getting ready to ride.

Karen doing a lean air out of Windell's big 22ft halfpipe.

Multnomah Falls Oregon.

Josh Cohen with a nice frontside air out of the halfpipe.

Josh spinning a 180 grab in Windell's jump line.

Owen Barth with a sweet tail grab.

Harry Burt sliding the top of the pyramid.

Charlie Burt getting sideways on the picnic table.

Julia Marino sliding the table.

Karen board sliding.

Gideon Le Gros hitting the down tube with style.

Xander Raith with a frontside 360 nose bonk.

Owen Barth kick flipping up the euro gap in Windell's B.O.B.(Building Out Back).

Gideon getting upside down on the tramp.

Tamanawas Falls. Our 4th of July hike.

Owen chilling at the water fall. You can go behind the falling water which is cool.

Fire works from Hood River park.

Marian working on her frontside board slides.

Noelle Edwards with a nose press across the table.

Owen sliding the big tube.

JJ Thomas showing us how it's done in Windell's pipe.

Will Steller nailing a frontside board slide on the down rail.

The view from the top of Windell's during the Bonfire Pipe to Pipe contest with the Bag Jump in the back ground. Windell's also had the Pipe Bag Jump which was sweet.

Marian, Karen and Noelle getting ready for the finals in the Pipe to Pipe. Noelle Won the Am Women with Karen placing 3rd and Marian 4th.

Noelle kicking out a big backside air over one of the Windell's jumps.

Will Steller and Abby Lancour. Our KMS friends.

Marian airing out of the 22ft pipe with a mute grab.

Abby jumping with a nice backside air.

Eric Beauchemin SMS class of 2010 showing us how to flip with a skateboard into the foam pit.

Will with a 360 into the foam pit.

Checking out a baseball game in Seattle during one of our in between trips after visiting K2, Ride and Line. We also did some fun adventures to the OR coast to surf, an industry trip to Bondfire and to Hood River to check out all the outdoor activities.

Evan Werner with a frontside grab over jump 1.

Evan board sliding the down bar in one of Windell's jib lines.

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