Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 4 on the 5th Day

Two days ago we hung in for a full day in chilly winds that chased away the feint of heart. There was poor visibility and rain threatening but it cleared just as we hit the parking lot. It was chased out by a surprising wind. Sweitzer and Raith closed the joint as usual. Riding past all lift access and using the gaps in the cloudbank (that had returned) to keep flipping onto the deck and then working the alley-oop back rodeos when everyone else had left the mountain.
The next day the mountain was socked in and the lifts did not run. We went bowling in the am, cart racing in the afternoon and then some watched Pirates! of the.... while others skated the pre and post dinner hours. While my bowling is miserable my go-cart racing comes highly enthused. I will race again even though I did get back at Josh for beating me at Ping Pong...
Dave, Ross, Harry, Josh and Charlie. Not quite the order of finish...

It was a long day without riding and the camp really gets to feeling short when you lose that day in the middle. Lucky for us the weather today was stellar and the exceptionally smart snowboarder Randall Stacey who goes to Dartmouth was the only one who really got sunburned! Funny for us but it is great to see Randall and he is riding very strong in just one day. Randall will be joined by others, more recent SMS grad Hunter Wood, Serena Shaw and Chris Tierney at next weeks Project Gold Slope Camp out here. Surely they will connect with new Coach Eric Beauchemin over at HCSC and perhaps even Danny Davis who I was lucky enough to see this afternoon. These guys are always great to see and keep our youngsters motivated to reach similar heights. We pushed the halfpipe riding again for the morning and expanded to full laps for the afternoon. Highlights for me are watching Josh Cohen nearly get his first front nines after a great morning with the sevens, Owen B nearly get sev's after a few days of good fives and Marian Lobell nailing her first front five. We were so greedy for these full top(Windell's Park) to bottom (public park)
These shots may have cost us that final chair ride now that I think about it...
Mace, Sending it.
X. Back one off
laps that we pushed our luck just past perfect timing, making the final chairs on the bottom lift but not getting on the next/top. Ross brought Mason, Julia and Marian's bags but Xander, Benji and I hiked up to the Windells Park for that last hour of riding. Well worth it to see Xander  scrape out a back rodeo, half cab, front sev line and me to spin a couple front threes. When you get as many days as I've had it's the little things that add up- little jumps, little spins and little friends! Another great day to be up riding and see some serious work taken in as serious fun.

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