Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2012 Fall Camp Hits the Ground Running In Colorado

     Every season is work but this past fall in dryland training was perhaps the most complicated and challenging beginning I can remember as a coach. We are moving on and have made it through to the time of year we all come together for...SNOWBOARD SEASON! The trip out was long as usual and not without a hitch but we made it through that long day as well. We are fully housed and comfortable in the Telemark Lodge at Copper Mountain and loaded up with our various seasons passes....(some have Epic, some Summit local and Copper while many just have Copper and everybody has their Woodward pass thanks so much to our most faithful supporters!)
    Ian's Crew rode Keystone today where the famous triple line opened up. The Am Crews, Development, Speed and Style Crews all rode Copper. The halfpipe almost made it open today but not quite which is just fine because we had a great tune up on the Copper Slopestyle course and the acreage of hardpack. Real Winter Snow, some fun jibs and a near perfect 25-30 foot table top kicker to get the season rolling. Each group had their own similar but different approach. My crew ran pretty focused on the jump for most of the morning and I was impressed with how they adapted, for example...
Noelle tweak o' the nose. Ladies first!

Thomas O Cab 9
Thomas O'hara had a head start by riding Park City all week over break and took full advantage. Nasty and near flawless cab-nines to prove it.
Tanner Barrett was held off snow for shoulder and hip rehab last winter and he is savoring every opportunity as well getting right back after his backside rodeos, front sev's and even a nine. Peter Dimitriou is a rail demon and working the front and backside spins to bring his jump skills up to the same level.
Peter D back three.
Noelle Edwards is walking the fine line of pushing the limits of a back to snow protocol from ACL surgery. Awesome work using a long warm up to get herself clearing the table to tranny landing first try. We wrapped up the snow day with a brief but full carving progression on on sharper halfpipe boards in prep for tomorrow and the season ahead....I saw a nasty method out of Evan Werner and detailed edging work going on with Jay's crew...The Speed and Stylers were training that kicker like it was january behind Ross and Scotty tells me Taiaroa Tait's Method tweak is folding around like doubled! Elite crew skated Silverthorne after Keystone...Ross' gang already went to woodward....Dwaine has just led the entire crew off to study hall and I'll meet them at woodward fot he six-oclock sesh. So it goes. Enjoy the photos! DT is sending me more for a second edition to be updated later and of course there is tomorrow and...Thanks again.
The view from the left- cab nine

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