Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Pipe Is Super and the Kids Are Kryptonite!

Peter D. Method, Proper. Study it.
 Yesterday am here at Copper Mtn. The pipe building crew unleashed their sculpture. Under the pressure of a reported 20 National Teams plus another 10 groups like ourselves these guys were welding broken equipment and overcoming numerous mechanical challenges to get this  beast unveiled. Lack of natural snow has been no issue here and are training has been great.
Brandon Bischoff's hometown hero and SMS superstar Louis Vito is looking forward to seeing BB ride and Louie is looking good already in the season. Alum Ellery Hollingsworth is also back in the allstar lineup along with Jenn Cohen and Joe Mensch who are all repping SMS alumni skills In Full! It's a great privilege to be training in such great facilities alongside some of  the best riders in Snowboarding and our Athletes are taking full advantage.
Maverick Shaw Boosting Big and Smoothe Back Tail.

Tanner B with a wicked Slob. (Air That is.)

SNoelle Edwards Is Back In HP with a BackSide Air!
Tomorrow is a rest day for many of us. The elite squad will be back on snow at Breck and the
Colorado Crew will come train Halfpipe. Expect a full update out of this day off. Camp is going great!

Thomas O'Hara Frontside Tail

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