Monday, January 21, 2013

Northstar Rev Tour and Copper USASA SBX's.

The SMS Speed & Style Team checking out the beautiful Lake Tahoe while at Northstar @ Tahoe for the Rev Tour.
Marian Lobell, Karen Kobayashi, Soma Kobayashi, Nick Watter and Josh Cohen.
Nick Watter on the left was getting good starts in the Rev Tour which helped him on his way to 9th place where he earned his best FIS points race to date. It wasn't your normal Rev Tour  SBX as top SBX racers such as Nate Holland, Shaun Palmer, The Minghini brothers, Alex Deibold and Trevor Jacob competed to train or earn points.

Josh Cohen airing over the Wu-tang at the start of the Copper SBX course. Josh rode great in the Rev Tour  finishing in 8th place and earning his best FIS points race to date as well. Josh also won the small final Jan 20th at the USASA Rocky Mountain Series in Open Class Men.

Soma Kobayashi jumping a double in the Copper course during the USASA RMS where he placed 6th in Open Class Men on Jan 20th. 

Nick Watter and Marian Lobell collecting their awards for the USASA Rocky Mountain Series  SBX race which took place Jan 19th. Nick placed 2nd in Open Class Men and Marian won the Junior Women. Marian also won Junior Women on Jan 20th which was RMS day #2 of SBX racing.
Here's a cool photo of Karen that I found on my camera from her and Jackie's 4th place finish in the Montafon World Cup SBX Team event. At the Rev Tour Karen won the time trails and all her heats until the finals. In the finals her and a girl bumped before a jump which made it so Karen couldn't set up right and unfortunately she went down. Karen placed 4th at the Rev Tour.

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