Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Northstar Revolution Tour, Freestyle Events.

In the FIS USSA Revolution Tour at Northstar CA. 16 SMS Athletes from Campus in VT and SMS West in Co. joined forces and took part against an up and coming international field.
In the Wmns HP Noelle Edwards was our top athlete just missing the podium in 4th place overall. Julia Marino was 7th, Madison Barrett 8th, Marian Lobell 12th and Hannah Merson 14th in their respective heats.
For the men's HP SMS Alumnus Joseph Mensch '10 was the number 2 qualifier starting his runs with a cab seven that may have been the biggest air all day! Not quite as clean in finals Joe still managed a very respectable 6th place. 
Thomas O'hara fs air!

Tanner Barrett BS air!
Maverick Shaw was our only other finalist, riding big and clean with an FS 900, and back to back inverted 7's six feet out to take 9th in his first rev tour final. Xander Raith was 19th, Thomas Ohara 25th, Tanner Barrett 37th, Evan Werner 44th, Peter Dimitriou 46th, Andrew Tousignant 48th and Mason Geils 55th. Very difficult task with such little HP Training.
Maverick Shaw Cab Five-o-flage.

One day later the team took part in the Slopestyle Event on possibly the largest fratures in Rev Tour History.
In Heat one Jack Griffin  finished 18th, Mason Geils 21st, and Dan Landy was 24th. Tough day for DL who had some good runs in practice but walked the wrong side of the fine line and fell in his contest runs.
In Heat 2 Ezra Racine was 9th getting a  tight score for a tech run that included a  switch back 720 to Cab 9 that may have tricked the judges. Maverick Shaw 12th, Thomas Ohara 14th, Xander Raith 16th and Andrew Tousignant 23rd.
We had no riders in heat 3. In Heat 4
Tanner Barrett  stomped his cab 540 to back 720 japan, to FS 7 combo and land in 8th. Evan Werner was 23rd and Peter Dimitriou 22nd.
Julia Marino was our only competitor in the Wmns field doing a great job with her biggest backside three tail grabs ever and in competition no less but was disappointed not to qualify for finals.
Very proud of all our athletes facing a great field on increasingly larger terrain features that we just don't get a chance to train on in the first part of our season. Great job and thanks to everyone for supporting their efforts and courage.

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