Friday, March 28, 2014

2014 USASA Nationals Trip


Mason Sends it in Union Bowl
We are back in summit county Colorado again and this time it's for the 2014 USASA Nationals hosted annually til who knows when by Copper Mountain. Quite a few kids traveled out with their families. A s.w.a.t. team flew out of Burlington with Ross while Jay, Scotty and Myself came out of Hartford with Kirsten W, Caleb K, Brandan B, Jack G, Mason G, Evan W. Zeb P, Tairoia T and Mikey B. Easy flight time and the nor' easter off the coast allowed us to ease out of the east but we had some crazy rain and snow driving up to and through the Loveland Pass Tunnel. Note to self: always wait until arrival to stop for food. Our caravan was among the last cars to get through the tunnel weds night so we can say it went without a hitch and just forget the white knuckles.
     Congratulations to all the SMS athletes qualified and competing this year and thanks to your hard work, the support of your parents and the school we coaches get another year finished off in colorado.
     The tough weather coming in supplied a fresh 5-7' on top of the 300 inch base for our first day so it was an eventful start. Ross and Scotty held down the SBX training duty with Tairoia, Zeb, Kiersten E, Kurt W, Kirk T, Jon Twombly and Mike here at copper Thursday. Word is the SBX course is somewhat more tame than years past but sometimes the fresh stuff will soften the edges to the features. Jay slept off the flu and I went to Breckenridge with Jack, Evan, Caleb, Brandan and Mason. Breck legend and SMS West Head Coach Chad Otterstrom gave me some directions and we has a fine day slashin' and burning pow tracks in the peak ten windows.
Evan Sending Union Bowl!
     Great start but day two we awoke to another 6-10 inches here at copper and just about everyone I've encountered is using those "Best Day of the Year!" type of claims to explain their day....
SMS West stayed put in Breck with the Raith boys and Chad getting what Chad called the best of this heavy season...Kiersten and Kirsten, LJ, Roa and Zeb got to crush Pow laps with Ross and Scotty in the super bee and old orange double chair area. After lunch they hit the park and now they are sending it at woodward...Brandan, Thomas O, Kirk T and Tom T caught the tucker mountain snowcat and hiked to the promised land...Mason, Mike, Kurt, Evan and I went straight up and over into the union bowls and got buried under turn after turn of fresh. Cornice, deep turns and mega lil' cliffs. Couldn't be more thankful for that morning. We came back over the top and straight down through the normally peppered Golden Crest. It was like 9 am fresh all over again! We picked up a miraculously recovered Jay B at the American Flyer, hydrated at mid mtn and spent every ounce our legs had left in the revolution bowl from cornice to trees... Everyone is all checked into registration. Where it is great to see new USASA Executive Director Pete Davis, former SMS Snowboard Program Director Mike Mallon and all the USASA Staff kicking off another special week. Thanks for tuning in. In the age of facebook the Blog is Back!

Mikey B Union Bowl Launch Team!

Kurt Getting Some Sky underfoot!

Had to Rest the Legs. KW, MG, EW, MB, JB and DR
Stay online and check in for Daily updates throughout the Nationals. We will catch up on everyone's trip!

And This is what the Tucker Mt Snowcat Crew Got!

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