Monday, December 1, 2008

The Real Pipe Training Began Today

Every day you ride you are training but when you are traveling to and training in the same pipe as the United States, Swiss, Japanese and New Zealand Teams you know you came to the right Place. Louie Vito, Scotty Lago, The bothers Mitrani, Kevin Pearce, Kelly Clark, Antti Autti...The list goes on and includes the SMS Snowboard Team right in the beginning, middle and end of this picture. Rick's elite crew was again pushed along by the increasing amplitude and hike filled work ethic of James Haffner. The pro-am crew is focusing on getting all four threes, and all four (frontside, backside, switch front, switch back) straight airs. The development team continues to find its legs and solidify the powerful riding stance.
It was great to get a pipe without the pow. It is great to rejoin Ellery Hollingsworth and Lizzy Beerman. The conditioning continues, the health and acclimatization gets better. We decided to keep all squads together in scheduling our day off tomorrow rather than last nights posted plan. So things are in full swing but we will rest tomorrow. Enjoy the photos and we will post again after our next training day.

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jusridn said...

looks like haffa found his long lost chicken wing, nice......................