Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Next Level

SMS athletes Spencer Shaw, Mikey Perle and Phoebe Novello charged into the 2010 Mt. Dew Tour and Gatorade Freeflow tour final at Mt snow over the weekend.  These contest serve as the next level of competition and the SMS riders were up to the challenge.  Spencer has been charging hard all year and got the call at the last minute to test his skills against some of the best for the night time qualifier.  Ten were chosen from the Friday night qualifier to meet at the epic Mt Snow pipe on Saturday night in front of thousands of fans and a light show that would stand up in any disco tech.  Spencer rose to the challenge and combined huge stylish airs with the technical skills to qualify 2nd to the big dance.

At the final against some of the best he brought the same intensity and quickly became the "rookie to watch" and did not disappoint.  Spencer landed a solid first run that included a 14 ft alley oop  to back five, to front 10, to cab seven to fs nine and a solid 6th place in his first ever big time final.  It was everything i could do to drag him away from signing autographs and relishing in the moment.  Well deserved and more to come from this young gun.

Sunday met Phoebe and Mikey with a blustery blue-bird day for the freeflow tour finals.  The winners of the tour from around the country were flown in by Gatorade to test their skills in the Mt Snow ditch.

Mikey had practice runs that would have brought the house down.  His run consisted of a huge air fs 5 bs 9 to fs 7 to cab 7 to alley bs rodeo.  Mikey rode like a champ and though landing on his feet on the first run was not clean enough to find his way to the podium.  The front fs five proved to be the hang-up but he scratched through the lip and then made it up on the fly going bs nine to huge alley rodeo melon.  This stellar new found combo will prove to be beneficial down the road. He finished just off the podium in 4th.  Phoebe struggled in her first run but then proceeded to stomp a style air, air 3, 3 5, 5 for a solid 4th and a run that counts as her first bs five to date. So stoked for Phoebe as were the Fuel Tv producers who will be featuring Phoebe and our school in an upcoming show. New tricks and insane progression for both of these up n comers, and i am looking forward to getting back to the pipe with them on Tuesday to keep things rolling.  Stay tuned for highlights from tomorrows Rev Tour pipe show.  Good luck to everyone in Colorado.
Some love at the tour for Danny Davis.



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