Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stratton Hosts a USASA Slope Contest Once Again

2/21 The Southern Vermont Series was back at Stratton after a season off. It was nice to be home and see the crew doing their thing practically right on campus. Hopefully someone will contribute a photo and you can see it too. The contest venue was a little tight with tall boxes and little jumps but guess what !? The usual suspects were on the podium. What it comes right down to in most contests is: among those with fairly equal skill levels and training opportunities the ones who care the most win the most. More importantly than that they succeed most often at putting down the run they set out to do and they make it look the most fun. Judging likes that. For the most part.
Everyone did such a strong job of making runs that count I am doing something we don't usually do here... don't get too used to it but it's a mid season blogger shakeup-FULL RESULTS !
                Menehune boys
1      40 Shaw, Maverick (out of 17)
                Breaker boys div.
4      66 McArdle, John Patrick
9      62 Sweitzer, Scottie (out of 28)
               Youth Wmn.
1  79 Kennedy, Kiley
2  77 Novello, Phoebe
3  81 Lobell, Marian
5      80 Kobayashi, Karen
               Youth Men
1      87 Perle, Michael
2      104 Tierney Jr., Chris
4      86 Charron, Jameson
5      100 Cohen, Josh
8      90 Callen, Connor Patrick
9      95 Landy, Daniel
15   99 Linton, Chip M (out of 30)
                Junior Wmn.
 1  114 Kuchera, Lena
                Junior Men
5   130 Stacy, Randall
8  121 Dorfman, Kyle
                Jams Men
2  135 Howe, Cameron
               Open Class Wmn
1 138 Cohen, Jennifer
2 137 Shaw, Serena
3  74 Stephenson, India
               Open Class Men
1 150 Beauchemin, Eric M
3  76 Mensch, Joseph 
4 149 Haffner, James 
6  96 Wood, Hunter

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