Friday, February 19, 2010

Training Resumes and Hudson Steps Up

It is nice to be back on home turf for a few weeks.  The crew needs some training time and they have been getting it at Mt Snow.  The pipe and slope course for the Dew Tour are being maintained and, along with all the other Carinthia parks, it makes an ideal training area.  HUNTER WOOD, who has been held back by injuries and other misfortunes, is on a tear right now.  The last two jumps in the Nitro Park are large and hard to link, but Hunter has stomped various combos of front 3s, cab 5s,  back 180s, cab 900s, and one line consisting of cab 7 to switch back 540.  The style is all there too, as seen in this shot of a front 360.

The chairlift we use at Carinthia goes right over the park, which makes the lift rides quite entertaining. Watching the other crews from the lift allows us all to see what each other are doing.  Some sights I have caught from the lift include SERENA SHAW landing frontside 540s all day in the jump line, KYLE DORFMAN'S unique and technical rail activity, and PHOEBE NOVELLO lipsliding any rail put in front of her.


CHRIS TIERNEY almost too big for the shot.
I would like to announce that after months of hard work and great comp results, CONNOR HUDSON will be riding with the Elite Team.  Today was his first day and he not only fit right in, he threw down on rails and jump.  The proof is below, CONNOR HUDSON 60ft front 720.

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