Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 13 in the Hood

Absentee blogger back from the fray with much to report. First things first. Difficult news. Best of luck, all of our support and prayers for Kiley and a speedy recovery. After a morning of seamless return to form in the Halfpipe that included a dozen front 'fives', Kiley went too deep spinning a front three over a 15-20 foot table top about 1:15 on Sunday. She bounced onto her arm and broke her humerus. Transport and evaluation took most of the day and evening. Ron Chiodi helped get the rest of the crew down from the Mountain and Chris Tierney Sr. sat house with pizza and videos until we got home. Tues am Kiley flew back to CT for complete treatment and recovery. Really tough to watch such a hungry rider have her summer season cut so short and not be able to remedy the situation. The pain of crepitus seemed irrelevant to Kiley compared to the feeling of being robbed of the opportunity to ride. Thanks for being such a trooper Kiley and Kiki. Thanks to Chris and Ron for being the community we can count on.
Meanwhile the rest of the crew continues to use their opportunities. Karen Kobayashi is getting back to her smooth style in the mold of Makayla and Meghan Tierney. These girls let the board run with low edge angle, an effortless look and flow. Lots o' bass. Marian Lobell and Phoebe Novello ride a more tilted board that speaks of an aggression to push their comfort levels. Two contrasting styles with similarly sweet results.
Mike Perle is playing with switch alley oops and continuing to hammer out the nines. He took a cab nine attempt a little too far and stomped out a monstrous cab ten on the big uppity single jump line on riders left.
JP is piling up the front sevens and bringing nice amplitude to the whole run. He might skate his brains out If someone isn't cutting him off. I remember being told when I was young that a cow would eat and eat until it died if given the chance. I think I have a chocolate lab like that. I don't think that's quite the case with JP and skating but it does remind me of that. He is handing out the s's, the k's, the a's, t's and e's like Kermit the Frog on "The Best of Sesame Street".  James Haffner thinks he's watching a rerun of himself at 12.

Big Time "Old Time" SMS Love is everywhere out here this week. India Stevenson is out to tune up her skills before two weeks of training with the British National Team. Jo Mensch stopped by for a visit today. Danny, Haley and Layla are Living like a king and queens in the pop-top camper parked in front of the Burton house while Sebastian and the Rest of the Frends crew have created a tent ghetto just off the sidewalk. Scottie and Jack put on a pretty show in Large style in the grey lit pipe this afternoon. Both holding cameras while blasting away. Louie rolled in last night or today and like Ellery is living in some slightly more comfortable accommodations with the US Team.

JP showing his love for High Cascade and handing out the letters.

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