Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Late report on Days Three, Four, Session One

Yesterday started a little foggy but cleared for a few good hours before it came back in solid and drippy-windy. While the weather held our crew was really starting to get the heavy skills back and I saw back fives, cab fives and front sev's emerging from the tool chests. Smoother drop-ins and real pipe edging made for more efficient production up and down the line. High Cascades pipe is one of the best ever and they have the raking team dialed in on the art of the lunch hr. fix-up. They fan out like a flock of geese and the last wave is raking the footprints of their leaders.

JP, and Scottie skated with Hunter under the cover of B.O.B. when we returned back down to the drizzle. We did some burly core work on our plush living room carpet and step ups onto the coffee table. We ran the 2.5 in the woods again and when we grabbed our skate crew we added EB and brought him home to couch for the night. Chris Tierney Sr. put the cap on our day with a team dinner at Burro Loco and everyone was asleep by 9:45.

This morning we woke to the fabled MT HOOD blue bird singing our tune. They didn't cut the pipe but it was still sick. When the diggers finished with it at lunch you would never know there were tracks in it in the morning. Instead of cutting last night they were out building the new lap park so now we have one more whole park at our disposal and the line is fun but the pipe is really holding our attention.  By tomorrow we expect to be trying the other big project that has been getting set up these last two days; the DC MTN. LAB air bag.  We hit Huckleberries for a quick shake and rolled down the other side of the mt. hood to Hood River for the afternoon.  Scottie Sweitzer and JP McArdle fell in love with the Hood River Concrete Skate Park that every town should have while I caught a cup of soup and  Mike, Phoeb's, MakT , Marian, Hunter and The Pit Bull did some shopping. We rallied and caught a showing of the A-Team before calling it one more full day in paradise.

jp mcbackpack.

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