Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pirate Radio Style

Coming to you from a coffee roasters driveway because one of the really great things about is that we get to feel like we are traveling and riding with our friends and family even when we are not. So when I can't get online for two days I will go get on the internet by whatever means are necessary. I shot 871 photos yesterday and a pile of video and then could not share with the world. My heart nearly bursted.

What an awesome couple of days we have had. The riding level came up through the roof. The threes turned to fives, the fives to sevens and of course the sevens turned to nines. The Backside mute is a Tierney family classic. Marian has roast beefs. We do our frontside tricks on backside walls if we want. Mike and Hunter both nailed some big jump clips down and owned the Halfpipe. "The kid on the Capita" is an HCSC sideshow all by himself. Girls spinning to the left and right in the same runs. Both genders getting some upside down representation and that's what summer riding is all about. PROGRESS.
Today near the end we got to sample some local airbag action and the result was exquisite. Video highlights will show Scott Sweitzer going home knowing just what it feels like to spin frontside seven twenty full degrees on a big jump. JP put some down in the pipe too. I have to admit too that we rode so hard for six days in a row that we are skipping d-land tonight- right now even- and need our days off. But even sore and tired I can't wait to see what session two brings. India hits PDX tomorrow night. Kiley and Karen make it on saturday. It will be rad.     
After editing out 864 photos I had a few left. I will make more details clear during our down time but for now this connection is failing and I can't load any more shots so "peaceout" from "just another smiling guy on a computer in a white van in a parking lot."

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