Sunday, November 7, 2010

BURTON Queen City session

The level of talent on the snowboarding scene today is insane!Burton Snowboards has hosted a long standing event that is a showcase of this talent.The event is called the Queen City session. It is pre-season rail contest smack dead in the streets of Burlington Vermont. The set up could have not been any cooler,your on a closed off street in Burlinton right next to city hall, snowboarding! Burton was kind enough to invite two riders from SMS to the event.Those two lucky riders were Ezra Racine and Jamie Charron.With type of honor I thought it might be a good idea to get someone to document all the hot snowboarding action.I called in the'multi-media man' Chip Linton.With 80 heavy hitters on the start list;the mayhem began.Most riders were attempting tricks well over their heads trying to impress the judges. With clean and executed runs Jamie and Ezra made into to the semi-final round.Unfortunately riding against heavy hitters like Shaun Murphy,TJ James,and Dylan Dragotta or people half your age;it's hard to make it to finals!I am super stoked on how these two held their own and represented Stratton Mountain School.

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