Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Back at It

Today turned out much like I hoped it would, with the exception of no jumps up yet on the glacier. Comp practice tomorrow, so we only have to wait a day.
That is what was missing, here is what wasn't:
First-class breakfast with Leikka (dog).

Insane gondola ride for our first chairlift ride of the year.
Legit rail lines (these guys only rode the advanced line of course).
Scenic country bus ride.
Wienrschnitzel for lunch (I know I spelt that one wrong).
VT Skates/House Company film/photo session at the local park.

As I write this we sit and await our first dinner with Veronika, which would surely make the above list.
James and Eric were already sold on Austria, and I think Hunter and Mike are seeing the light too. Comp practice tomorrow should be chill. They had to build the course today which means they won't have time to build anything too monster. Not that these guys can't handle it, but I don't mind starting the year with low consequences on the hill.

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