Tuesday, November 9, 2010

We Must Return

Some have questioned why we returned to Schladming. The stress and consequence of last year's trip did indeed mess with my head and put me a bit behind the 8 ball for a month or so. I certainly would take last year's trip back simply to save Makayla's season.
So why return? Because the accident that happened last year wasn't able to fully overshadow the amazing trip we enjoyed.
First of all we have the Pension Tiefenbach and it's proprietor Veronkia. Great lady and top-notch lodging. I sit at the table now across from Beauchemin. The house dog is perched next to him and we are feeling right at home.
A second reason is the majestic scenery surrounding us. The town of Schladming rests under the shadow of the Dachstein Mts. Even if we were not imagining the riding up there, we could appreciate the towering backdrop.
Reason #3 is the Horsefeathers PleasureJam itself. This early-season comp is laid back yet competitive. The cultural aspect of competing in Europe at such an event provides worthy, worldly experience for us all.
The food is good too as is the coffee. TTR points for this crew are also important and why not rack some up before mid Nov? Having another shot at this comp after missing it for a hospital room last year is important to me too. So is some quality travel time with senior and 5 year riding partner Hunter Wood. Its great to be back with James and Beauchemin, and who better to round out a small SWAT team than Mike Perle?
I guess there are other reasons too. European females, a possible Jeremey Thompson sighting, castles and historic buildings, the skatepark, the gondola ride, lots of things, just not the exchange rate!

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