Friday, April 1, 2011

Here We Are Back at Copper...

Benj Raith, Connor H,Tanner B, Jack G, JP McA, Ian K, Kyle D, Peter C, H Wood.
 Copper Mtn. Co. has become our home away from home with Fall Camps and Nationals trips year after year and it's great to be back. The snow is deep, the jumps are lifty and the SBX course is smoothe. There was an SBX training yesterday and Ross, Scott and Kevin scoped it, raked it and coached it with Marian, Karen, Josh, Mason, Xander. I get to go there today for round two. The rest of us on the hill yesterday began with some freeriding in the park and some back bowl riding for two hrs. Epic snow and low visibility in some high winds made for an excellent educational adventure. We hit the Park for three laps before lunch and after lunch it was Park to Pipe. The kids really adjusted well so far to the very different style of features built out here and today will be more of the same with greater focus on really finalizing the run plans. Stay tuned for some great pics, vids and stories of this years nationals as the week unfolds. Thanks again.
Tanner B Bs Rodeo

Xander FS 7

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