Sunday, April 3, 2011

Busiest Day In Snowboarding

Mason Geils Training the staircase on the SBX course

Kyle and Jack front and center for the Slopestyle Practice about to start the day.
Today was the official venue practice day for each age group here at the 2011 Copper Mtn. USASA Nationals. My Day started at a seven thirty lift. I was up at the 8:00 am, group 5 Slopestyle practice with Kyle, Jaime, Dan, Tanner, Josh and Jack. It was a beautiful sunrise and the fastest day we have seen between those "LIFTY" jumps. The boys reeled it in. Kyle and Dan had particularly good runs but everyone had progress by the end of the hour and fifteen minute session. I am proud to say our guys made the most of the tight window by being first to drop and quick getting back up. Not Many competitors got four runs but every SMS rider did.
Mav with the big front five. Sic.

Xander Stalefish.
So from 8:00 am slope to 9:30 HP practice with Maverick, Scott, JP and Xander. Mav was one of the big air guys of the entire hr. Scott found his fives, JP tweaked his Methods and Xander landed his combos. Strong work done in the winter shows in the short, final pre-nationals tune up... Back to Slope for the 11:00 am gusty wind over wet-pack show. Progress every run...a quick slip with Ross, Scott, and Maverick in the SBX at 12:30 and then it was off to the Alpine Race Venues to meet up with Tanner and Xander for gate training until 3:00. Tanner did almost thirty runs in the slalom course today and Xander was out there ripping ruts in GS and then SL til we packed it in.
3:30 captains' meetings for all of tomorrows venues, 5:30 opening ceremonies parade and some tuning round out the day. the whole staff and Team had just such a day and tomorrow am Scott, Mav and Xander will race SBX. Josh and Mason will race GS and Karen, Marian and Meghan will compete in HP. Good Luck to all. A strong result can punctuate the season but we are proud of the training, and competing that these kids put in all winter. Lets have some fun doing what we do best.

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