Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nationals Photo Update

Dan Landy, Back Lip, Youth Slope

Jameson Charron, tail slide, 270 off,
Youth Slope

TPentony. Run 1,

Breaker boys SBX, semi#1.
The time schedule has been relentless but the events roll on and most of our kids are still riding hard...Unfortunately however, we will not get to see JP McArdle in HP and Slope. He has torn an mcl in training but will be back on his feet and skating in three weeks. Jack Griffin overflipped in slope and could not do his contest runs. Phoebe took a big fall in Ms. Superpark  after making a great impression but she will not be competing today (or yesterday). We miss you guys out there but you had some great runs this year and will all slay it as soon as you get the chance again. We appreciate all the hard training and competing that brought you to this point in the season. It was a great one.
Good luck to everyone in the final two days. I will be updating results after HP today.

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