Thursday, November 10, 2011

Elite SWAT Team Touches Down in Schladming for Horsefeathers

After an amazing, sunny day at Hintertux, Ezra, Quincy, Phoebe, Biba, India and myself jumped in our van for a 3 hour drive across Austria. Our destination: Schladming and Dachstien for our third trip to the Horsefeathers Pleasurejam. This 4-Star TTR event has always been a fun and legitimate way to start our competitive year.
The drive was a treat. Livestock, architecture, waterfalls and a full moon made for much discussion (dominated by Phoebe). We arrived at Pension Tiefenbach where Veronika welcomed us back for our third stay. She had not seen Phoebe or India in three years and the reunion was heartfelt.
Sun greeted us again today and the course at Dachstien was perfect. I had some apprehension letting the girls loose on a 4-Star Slope course so early in the year, but they made me proud and rode with confidence. The girls quickly decided that the big line was just fine for them and by the end of the day Quincy and Biba had full lines with front 360s. Phoebe landed her 360 early and moved onto Cab 540s on jump one.



Ezra is a quiet, contemplative ripper and I enjoyed helping him as he adjusted his line, mixing up back 540s, cab 900s (almost cab 10), frontside 900s and disgusting straight airs on the hip. Keep in mind this is day 3 on snow.
We also met up with SMS alum Eric Beauchemin and his girlfriend Anna Gasser who assaulted the course as a couple. Eric landed a lovely cab 10 in front of me and nearly landed a backside double-cork 1080. I love seeing graduates come up, and India and Eric made me happy today.
Qualifiers are tomorrow and my young crew is set to make a splash in the International Pro pool of riders here. We expect no podiums but I can see that they will make me proud and land stylish runs. Wish us luck.


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Thanks Ian, love your blog posts!

Bonne chance tous les monde!!!