Friday, November 11, 2011

Special Guest Bloggers Biba, Quincy and Phoebe Give the Austrian Low-Down

Oh hey! Didn't see you over there!
So0o0ooo, here's the down low of the Horsefeathers Pleasure Jam. In short, everyone killed it, no finals, but the vibe was ├╝ber positive and happy.

Ezra had a killer run consisting of a back 540 maneuver, to a cab 900 degree rotation, to a stellar frontside 720, leading into some wallride thing, which looked cool, although not totally sure what it was. This beautiful run placed him in 8th which is just one spot out of finals. YAY! Great job, Ez-brahhh!


The girls...tried really hard. solid effort. Biba just coming off of her third broken collar bone killed it and landed a run. YEWwWW, as the aussies would say. Quincy had a fantastic run and held on tightly on her second run to keep it together and make it look STEEEZyy. Way to go team Canada!! Phoebe landed but forgot about the second jump all together. woops! But she stayed very positive by dancing with Quincy at the top. Everyone at the start got to hear them belting out their favourite songs. Nicely done females!


Austria has been amazing thus far and Dachstein has truly delivered the goods with blue bird days, sweet shred, and great hospitality. Tomorrow we return to Hintertux where we will reunite with fellow elite team members and speed and style cr3w. We have really been missing Dan and Connor out here and are pumped to meet back up with them and see what new tricks they've got to show us.

Getting caught in the tourist traps......or tourist crevasses.....of Dachstein

Watch your step!

The view from the top of the course

Ezra Corking out a back 540 manoeuvre

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Jeremy said...

So Jealous!! Keep killing it guys!