Thursday, December 8, 2011

Devo team is holding it down

The development team has been working hard and holding it down here in Colorado. A great highlight of the camp was the WOODWARD @ COPPER bowl jam. Rakai Tait entered the contest with a hurt shoulder due to a back side 540 fall during snowboarding training that day. He was hesitant on entering the contest,due to the fact that he was one of the youngest competitors in the contest. After a few practice runs under his belt,he was ready to skate and destroy ! With the development team shouting and yelling and stoking him out his amplitude built. Rakai had front side airs and backside airs to the liking of some of my favorite old school skaters. This kid is something else to watch skate as well as snowboard. His determination to stomp tricks is inspiring to me and others on the team. When it was all said and done Rakai placed 3rd in the bowl jam. I want to thank WOODWARD @ COPPER for putting on such a fun contest that makes the sports we do even more fun !

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