Friday, December 16, 2011

Frontside Airs

Phoebe and Quincy tried to blog last night but ran into technical difficulties. Stay tuned for that one, as it covers a remarkable day at Keystone.
Today we returned to Copper which now has a 3 jump line leading down to the halfpipe. Productive would best describe the day. Chip Linton spun three directions off the line, starting with a very smooth backside 540. Dan Landy decided to develop his cab spins in Austria and now starts his jump line with a cab 540 (one month later). Peter Cerulo chooses switch backside for his 540 on jump one, and it is as smooth as Chip's. Ezra inverts his 540, and can put various runs down with ease on this line. Biba's Austria goal was backside 360s and darned if she didn't land one on jump one today, which she can follow up with a combo of 180s. Quincy runs a floater switch backside 180 into an equally floated frontside 360 (solid grabs here). That leaves Ms Novello who is quite proud of her line, switch back 360, cab 540 backside 360......
Halfpipe went well also, with riders landing 5s, 7s (Maverick Shaw stood out here), and even getting upside down (Quincy of course). Josh Cohen was blasting some nice frontside airs, so I ran down to shoot one. We had a few more show-offs after Josh as you can see in the photos below. Josh wanted to go bigger so I shot him twice.





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Dave Redden said...

I think Quincy wins frontside airs. Im not explaining it either.