Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sweet Lou! Again!

Nice of L.V. to take the time to block the sun from my camera
Check the LV graphic on his boards.

After qualifying in the number one spot two days ago Louie Vito put on a great show in today's finals of the US Snowboard Grand Prix at Copper Mtn. Colorado. Louie put on a hard charge in his final run with three variations of the double cork 1080, one "conventional" ten and a stylish method but landed his final trick smacking his edge into the wall so settled on his first run score to take second place. Luke Mitrani of Mammoth Lakes and formerly Bondville won the event with his own bag of doubles and incredible on the edge style. Greg Bretz was third in the event to round out the all american podium. It was a great event and the riding of the entire final field was indicative of a mind boggling progression in store for the winter.
In the woman's field the riding is getting progressively more tech but my friend Kelly Clark is not giving up win streak. Kelly has not failed to reach the top of the podium since sometime before the 2010 US Open. She was followed by Madeline Schaffrick of colorado and Carolle Castellet of Spain.
SMS and US Snowboarding rider Serena Shaw was 26th with three 540's and a seven- kinda tight scoring. Ellery Hollingsworth was 29th due to crashes but El was going for it dropping into a back rodeo first hit and crashing on a very nice looking crip-7. Serena's older sister Brooke was 30th and Jenn Cohen was 32nd out of the field of 46 pro riders from around the globe. Congrats on a great effort and a beautiful show from all the riders.
Luke about ten feet over head. front 9.sick.

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