Wednesday, December 19, 2012

This week in Snowboarding...

Great to be home and riding in nearly every conceivable winter weather condition this week. Nitro park at carinthia has two jumps, two spines and about ten jibs set to keep every lap fun. We did laps in fog. We did laps in rain which was at times light and then heavy. We did laps in falling snow of course and today we lapped it up on very firm snow that sounded almost like ice. My favorite is actually the hard stuff this week.
 We are down for whatever it takes. Because that's the way Eric Beauchemin always rolled and EB- simply took the win in the DEW TOUR Street contest this week.

Also our SMS West crew in Summit County Colorado began the first "team" infiltration of The Rocky Mountain Series in impressive fashion with Mav Dog Shaw taking the HP win followed by Xander Raith in second for 14-15 Boys. Julia Marino won for the girls and Noelle Edwards took fourth in her bracket. Congrats and keep up the good work riders!

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