Friday, June 19, 2009

Mid Season Style Coming Back Fast

The soft conditions are sometimes slow and inconsistent but for getting back the confidence there is nothing faster. Almost as fast as we get the speed and lines figured out kids are getting back their signature tricks in the pipe and park. Here are some examples and details of the early going: Mr Highlight Eric B is linking and has footage of solid fs sevens to bs nines. Kyle is doing his front seven tail and stomping. Josh is spinning fs five above the lip and linked it with some back fives already. Back three came in the first try over the table tops. Jen is floating her solid fs three to cab fives and her front board is back on the boxes. Shelby has her switch back three and back fives rallying the tech line in Pipe as well as a front board that rocks. A-bay is spinning slow strong fives.
For warm ups we are rolling into the public pipe with at least two runs of backside alley oop to front side alley oop to three, three, air to fake, poptart.
Phoebe is learning to take pictures. She took a salter fracture to the wrist yesterday before lunch and is still into taking part. All photos in this entry are her work.
Joe is also negotiating with some pain from a sprain in the ankle during running
Today it is raining and we are taking time for some am rest before heading up or settling into some skating, shopping and moist dland.

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